Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pak™ 2.0

Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pak™ 2.0

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PLEASE NOTE: BTT 2.0 has had an upgrade! We now have BTT 2.5 taking its place containing Methylfolate and a new taste.

If you place an order for BTT 2.0 expect to receive a canister of BTT 2.5. The lid will be white instead of orange and for the first month or so you may see ‘BTT 2.0’ on the label due to a printing error, but the nutritional fact panel is correct.

PLEASE NOTE: The BTT 2.5 recommended serving size is 1 scoop rather than 2.

This pack is formulated to support and promote healthy bones and joints. Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition and includes BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion-480g canister (1), EFA PLUS™- 90 soft gels (1), Beyond Osteo-fx™ powder-357g Canister (1), Gluco-Gel™ 240 capsules (1) and CM Cream™ 2 oz (1).* See individual products for details.


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